Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Google Forms for Online Quizzes

In June, Google released updated Google Forms to allow for auto-graded quizzes, These quizzes are easy to create and allow you to not only quickly gain insights into class performance via automatically generated stats like a summary of responses, frequently missed questions, average, median, and range of scores, and graphs marked with correct answers.

To create a quiz, create a new form and then click the settings widget (1).  
Next, click Quizzes (2).

Then be sure that the slider next to Make this a quiz is set (3).

Quiz options include 

  • the ability to release grades immediately after the student submits the quiz, or you may wait and send grades after you have manually reviewed the quiz.
  • The ability for the student to see missed questions, correct answers, and point values.
As you write your quiz, you will be able to assign points for each question and develop an answer key by selecting the correct answers for all question types (except grid questions).  You may also add explanations to answers.  These explanations may include links, videos, or websites.

Quiz responses can be viewed as a summary of all responses or by individual response.  A response summary is automatically generated.  

  • The Summary includes insights (average, median, range) and total point distribution.  Frequently missed questions are also singled out for your review.  Answers for all responses are then displayed visually using bar graphs and pie charts.  This visual display allows you to see trends in your data.
  • Individual Responses allow you to review each students responses and to hand grade the assignment.  So, if you have fill in the blanks, or short essays - no problem.
Choose when to Release Grades
Student grades can be sent immediately after they finish the exam, or you may release them after a manual review.  You choose the timing in settings.  

To manually send ALL grades, choose Summary then scroll down until you see Scores and click Release Scores.

To manually send an individual grade, select Responses -> Individual and then click on Release Score.

Creating the online quiz in Google Forms takes a little bit of time, but grading is easy and the information that you can?get back on the assessment is priceless.  Why not check it out.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

In-district Technology Grants - DUE January 5, 2017

We are happy to announce that WFEE has made another contribution to PowerED UP, which allows us to send out another round of in-district technology grants!

These will be due January 5, 2017

For the secondary level schools, the focus will be on innovation and trying new types of technology, and less on student devices.  For the middle school, student devices for the classroom will not be part of this round, and for the high school there will be a limited number of student devices allowed (based on the BYOD being fully rolled-out at middle and piloted at high school).  Elementary grants will be open for student devices and innovative technology.

Based on funding, please keep in mind that requesting a "class set" of anything will not be awarded.  If after reading through all of the attached documents, you have any questions, please let me know.  However, please do not send me your grant, as this is a blind scoring process.  Please submit the grants to:   https://goo.gl/forms/lJJcbyAGqKYdLZEo1      

No grantswill be accepted through email, hard copy, etc.  They MUST be submitted through the googleform (this allows us to make sure that none are lost in processing and that none of the people blind scoring will see the grants ahead of time).  Based on feedback we have: changed the submission process, streamlined the form, attached a sample, and are encouraging people to apply as a grade level or team.  We also want to emphasize that we do not expect the grants to be lengthy (1-2 pages), and that most people are asked to do no more than 6 hours of professional development (which can be delivered during half-days, summer workshops, faculty/dept/grade level sharing, common planning time sharing, helping an individual colleague, presenting on tech night, etc.).  

Thanks you!