Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Posting Q4 Grades for Seniors 2023

 The WHS Q4 grading period is now open for seniors (class of 2023).  Here are a few blog entries that might be helpful.

How to enter Q4 Grades (2023 edition)

 The steps to entering your Quarter 4 grades is similar to entering grades during any other quarter, but you have the additional step of also adding the Final Grade (FG) for the course.

To Post your Q4 grades in Aspen Gradebook,
  1. Go to the Scores page in your Gradebook
  2. In the Grade Columns drop down box, select Post Columns.  Also, set the Term to Q4.  
    (see yellow in image right)
  3. The Aspen Posting columns will appear.  These are
    • Q4Grd - Quarter 4 Grade
    • Q4ClsAbs - Quarter 4 Class Absences
    • Q4Com1 and Q4Com2 - Quarter 4 Comment 1 and Comment 2 fields
    • Q4 - The grade from your gradebook for quarter 4
    • FG - Final Grade
  1. Click the Update Post Columns button -OR-
    Select Options -> Update Post Columns
  2. This will take you through the Update Post Columns wizard.  (see images below)

  • Step 1. Select the Grade Term (Q4) and the Grades to update (all students).

  • Step 2. Select
  • Quarter 4 Grade = Average:Q4  

  • Q4 Class Absence= Class Absence Total

  • Final Grade = District Calculation

Note that this year this is NO Final Exam grade.
  • Step 3. Confirms the choices made in Step 1 and Step 2.

  1. Click Finish.
  2. You should notice that the Q4Grd and Q4ClsAbs fields will now be populated.

    ** FG Please note: The grade is calculated using all assignments for the year (or semester for semester courses). It is not an average of the final grade for each semester divided by the number of semesters.
  3. Also note that the Final Grade (FG) field has been calculated. Senior Exploration Students
  4. If you have students who are part of the Senior Exploration program, you will leave their Q4G4d field blank. The Final Grade (FG) will still calculate but only include their Q1-Q3 (FY classes) or Q3 (S2 classes) grade.
  5. Pass/Fail/Incomplete/ Medical Grades.  If your class is Pass/Fail or student is to receive an Incomplete or Medical, complete the steps in Update Post Columns.  This will give you the total absences for the student for the quarter.  

    Then add the P, F, I, or M into the Q4Grd column.  All of the grades will have a red circle with a line through it.  This just means that you manually entered the grade.

  6. Pass/Fail/Incomplete/Medical  Final Grade.  Don't forget to also update the FG field for Pass/Fail Grades.  You must manually add the P,F, I, or M to the FG column.

  7.   Add comment codes (see WHS Comment Codes (updated spring, 2023))
    Verifying your Grades
  8. Verify your grade in Q4Grd against the grade from your Gradebook which is labeled Q4

  9. If you would like to change the grade, simply click on the grade in the Q4Grd field and change it. Grades that you have modified will be indicated by a red, crossed-out circle. 

Monday, May 1, 2023

Two Factor Verification on your school Google Account

At the end of May, ALL teachers and staff will be required to have set up Two Factor Verification on their school Google accounts.  

Passwords can be compromised but by using Two Factor Authentication (2FA) you gain added security on your account.  2FA requires that someone would not only need to know your password, but that they must also complete a second step in the login process when logging onto a new device.  This second step is usually completed on your mobile phone.

TFA Verification Methods

  • GMail app on your phone

    A prompt will appear in your GMail account asking you to verify that it is you trying to login to your account.  The notification looks like the message on the right side of the screen.

    Click Yes to allow the sign-in. 
    Click NO to block the sign-in.

    This method is great for those staff members that already have their school GMail account on their phone.  If you do not have (or want) GMail on your phone, contine to the next method of 2FA.

  • Google Authenticator app on your phone
    Google Authenticator

    This works even when you do not have an internet connection or mobile service.  The Google Authenticator App will create one-time verification code which will help verify that it is you.  Simply enter the verification code on the sign-in screen.

    The app icon looks like either of the icons to the right.
    Google Authenticator

    This method is best when you have difficulty getting internet access on your phone -OR- when you do not want to add your school GMail account to your phone.

Set up TFA Verification

Need Help?

If you have any questions or need assistance, please talk to the Instructional Technology Specialist in your building -OR- put in a help desk ticket to get assistance from the Tech department.