Friday, October 12, 2018

Setting up your Gradebook in Aspen

The video below explains the steps necessary for setting up your gradebook at the beginning of the year or semester.  

The first step for setting up your gradebook is entering class details.  For information on the details page of your gradebook, see Follett's help guide View and Enter Class Details in the Gradebook.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Teachpoint PD Help Guides

Would you like some more information about the Professional Development Tracking in Teachpoint?  Were you aware that Teachpoint help guides are available to answer many of your questions?

How do I access the Teachpoint Help Guides?
In Teachpoint, click the down arrow next to your name and then click Help. 

The Help Guides

  • FAQ and Announcements:  Select Frequently Asked Questions and then Teachers and Evaluators.
    Contains information on Teachpoint in general.  FAQ's include answers to questions like "I accidently deleted a form/evidence.  How do I get it back" AND "How do I change my password?"
  • Training and Webinars: Includes recorded training on how to use Teachpoint, Short How-To videos, and Getting Started Guides.
  • Teachers and Evaluators: Includes information on Getting Started, Forms, and reports.
  • Systems Administrators: Information on how to set up Teachpoint and is not needed by teachers or evaluators.
    Checkout the Teacher and Evaluators section.  This includes information and help guides on Requesting to attend a PD Event, Request to Hold event, PD Statuses and PD Tracking.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Print anywhere and everywhere ...

Ok.  Maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, but did you know that we now have the ability to print to any copier in the district, even copiers not located in your building?
your print job will not print until you are standing in front of the printer.  This last fact will make all of your prints more secure.

It's like magic. 

How does it work?
All copiers are now outfitted with a "Papercut" card reader located on the top of the copier.  This card reader requires you to place your id card on the card reader which will release any print jobs that you have sent to the copier.

Send your job to a printer.
If you are using a district owned device, print your document as you usually would but select the copier as your printer (1).

Which printer should I select?
Most of the copiers in the district are Ricoh copiers.  To print to a Ricoh copier, Change your destination to Ricoh Secure Print on VOMS02 (purple circle below).

If your school or department has one of the few Xerox copiers in the district, select Xerox-Universal-Print-Queue on voms02.(red circle below)

How do I get my print job to print from the copier?
If you have never retrieved a print job from a copier before then you will need to register your badge.  Place your badge on top of the PaperCut card reader, then use the login and password that you use to get into your school computer (e.g., kgrace).  After you have logged in, your badge will be registered in the system and you will be able to print on all Ricoh printers in the district (or Xerox if you are using a Xerox copier).

Now you simply select the jobs that you want to print (see below), or choose print all to print all jobs in the list.

Your print jobs won't wait forever.
You do not need to rush to the printer to retreive your print job.  They will wait for you but not indefinitely.  Print jobs are available for 8 hours after you click the print button.

BONUS - Your registered account will also allow you to scan to your email but that is a topic for another blog.