Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Aspen icon indicating Roster Changes

What does that icon mean?

When you login to Aspen, you are on your Aspen Home screen.  Under the Teacher Classes subheading, a teacher will see all of their classes on that day's schedule. Here there are quick links to take attendance, go to your gradebook, and send parent emails.  You will also see checkmarks when you have already posted attendance and at the end of the quarter after you have posted grades for the section.  

Sometimes, you will see an icon of a folder with a blue dot.  If you hover over this icon, you will see the message,  Click to view roster changes. 


This icon will continue to appear until you check your roster.  To check your roster, you can click on the class name link next to the icon OR you may go to the Gradebook top tab and then click the Roster side tab.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Chrome: Using Profiles to Access Multiple Google Accounts

This is an update to a blog entry that I wrote in 2015.

Have you tried to use more than one Google account (e.g., work and personal) in Chrome and had strange things happen?  Maybe your bookmark bar does not show the web pages you have saved or you have to login repeatedly?

There is a solution to this problem and it is called Google Chrome Profiles.  I have been profiles for more than 6 years, and have found them to be a must-have on every computer I use.   It allows me to keep my work and home account separate.  

Setting up Profiles in Chrome

  1. When logged into Chrome, you will see the letter of your first name OR your photo in the top right of  your chrome screen. 

  1. A Google Add person pop-upscreen will appear (as below).  

1. Add the name for the account - this is what you want to call the account 
e.g., Kath (home), TestStudent, etc.

2. Pick an image for your account.

3. Create a Desktop shortcut for the user

4. Click Add, to add the user profile

  1. If you have used Chrome profiles before, your other profiles will appear as mine does below.
    My second profile is Kathleen (Kath (home))

Using your Chrome Profiles
Now when you want to log on to your newly added google account, you click your picture in the top right of your google screen, then select the username listed under Other people.  This will create a new Google Chrome Icon in the tool bar at the bottom of the screen that is associated with the other Google Account.  Now, you will have two separate Google Chrome sessions in separate windows.  

To change a name or photo on your profile, click on the icon associated with the profile in the sign in screen (see green circle below).

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Organize your Google Apps

 Do you find it cumbersome locating your frequently used Google Apps?  

Would you love to reorganize the apps so that your favorite apps are at the beginning of the list? 

I just learned that you can customize your apps list so that you may order them in the way that works best for you!  

  1. Select the Google Apps icon in the top right of your Google Screen.  I often call this the Rubik's cube, others may refer to it as the gray waffle.
  2.  This will expand your Google Apps.

  3. <Right-Click> and hold the app icon that you would like to move.  Your cursor will change to a hand.  (See the red circle marked 1 to the right)

  4. Move the icon to the new location.  Notice that Drive is now in a different location than in image 1 on this screen.

  5.  As another example, Google Classroom can move from mid page to to top of your Apps list.  (See #2 right, and image below)