Friday, April 13, 2018

Understanding column headings in Aspen

When in the Post Columns - Term view of your gradebook, 
  • Q3
    the average of all grades for quarter 3 in your gradebook.  This field is not directly editable because it is calculated by Aspen.  To change the number grade in this column, you must change Q3 assignment grades that will affect this Q3 average.
  • Q3Grd
    When you click Update Post Columns, the value of Q3 is copied to Q3Grd.  This is the grade that will appear in the students report card / transcript. 
    It is directly editable.  If you edit the value for a student, a red circle with a line in it will appear.  This icon simply means that the value has been changed by you.  Sometimes, you will see a blue exclamation point next to the value, this means that the grade was changed by administration (e.g., with a grade change form).

What is posted to the report card / transcript?  
The value in the field Q3Grd

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Aspen Return to Application Homepage Error

Have you received an error in Aspen that kicks you out of the application and tells you to contact your system administrator?

This error occurs when you click on one of the top tabs in Aspen:

The Aspen error appears as below:

Close out of all windows and programs
Logging off and on again will not clear the error.  Instead, you will need to close out of all windows and programs.  To ensure that everything is closed, you may restart your computer.

Clear your browsing data
Open chrome and click on the three dots in the top right of your screen to open Google settings.
Scroll down to Advanced and then scroll to Clear browsing data and click the arrow.  (see below)

Change the Time range to All Time and then click Clear Data. (as below)

Once completed, close out of Chrome and then reopen it and log into Aspen.  The error should now be cleared.  

If you continue to get an error, please email WPS Aspen Support at

Monday, February 26, 2018

Google Drive for Mac/PC is going away soon

As I logged into my work computer today, I noticed the pop up stating that Google Drive for Mac/PC is going away soon.  Because I hadn't heard of this before AND because I was being asked to install a new app on my computer, I thought it best to do some investigation.

According to PC World magazine, Google is not making changes to the cloud service called Google Drive but rather to the app that you may have installed on your computer so that your files reside on your computer as well as in the cloud.  This app, called Google Drive for Mac/PC, will cease to exist on March 12, 2018.  However, it is being replaced by Drive File Stream.

Drive File Stream is a new app that allows you to (kind of) share a hard drive between teams and organizations.  All files will be kept in the cloud and will be available from anywhere.  Your computer will appear to have a folder of all of your files in your Drive.  This will allow you to edit non-Google files without having to download them from the cloud.  

An example would be if you had a Adobe Photoshop file (.psd extension) in your drive and wanted to edit it, you don't have to download it - edit it - upload it.  Now you can simply edit while it remains in the cloud.

Drive File Stream is a G-Suite app and thus is only available with your school Google account.  If you have used Google Drive for Mac/PC with your personal Gmail account, you have another option and that is called Backup and Sync.  Backup and Sync is available to all Google users (i.e., you can use this with your winchesterps account, too).  This works more similarly to the app that is disappearing.  With this option, your files will be stored physically on your PC  or Mac hard drive.

As you load Stream Google Drive files right to your computer.
Save disk space by only downloading the files you need.
Mark items "Available offline" to edit without a connection.
Any changes will synch automatically when you're back online.

Want to learn more?
Checkout the PCWorld article