Monday, June 15, 2020

Cleaning up your Google Classroom(s) - End of Year

As we close out the 2019-2020 school year, we have a few suggestions for cleaning up your Google Classroom.
  1. Make sure you "return" all assignments to students. Remember they will not see your comments until you return them. You may also want to add the school year 2019-2020 to the title to refer back to it.
  2. Decide if you want students to have access to your Classroom during the summer.
    • If yes, turn off all comments and posts by students, so they are not unsupervised. Students will have access until you remove them or until you archive the class.
    • If no, archive your old class. By archiving, you will clean up your homepage for next year, but you will still be able to “reuse” all your assignments. Students will no longer have access to that Classroom.

  3. Another option is to make a copy of your Classroom. This copies over all assignments as Drafts. If you added "Questions", those will not copy over. Members of your Classroom will not see assignments until they are "assigned". 

  4. Google Classroom adds a class calendar to your Google Calendar. Now is the time to also remove that old class from Google Calendar. For instructions, click here.
**** There will be plenty of offerings all summer long, continue to check TeachPoint, and the HUB for for tips, and ways to stay current with GSuite and more.

Monday, June 8, 2020

Important Addition to your End of Year Grade Posting

Withdrawn Students -- IMPORTANT --- Check all classes
During the school year, you may have had students who withdrew from your class. These are a special case and it is important to set their grade as W before Posting grades.

  1. See a list of students who have withdrawn from the class section by clicking on the Withdrawn Status button (shown right).
  2. For each student found in the list, add the final grade (FG) of W for withdrawn (see below). Adding this W will allow Aspen to not report the student as being in your class. If a student changed sections during the year, they will recieve their grades from that other section.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Print your Gradebook Sheet

Did you know that you can print the full student gradebook posting sheet in Aspen?  This is handy for making your final grade determinations or for saving a copy at the end of the year.

The Aspen report, Gradebook Sheet, will create a copy of the entire gradebook sheet that you are viewing at the time that you run the report.

For the end of the year Gradebook Sheet, 

  1. Choose the Grade Column --> Post Columns - Term
  2. Select the Term --> All
    (see image on right)
  3. Click the Update Post Columns button to have Aspen calculate the Final grade for the course (FG field)
  4. Create the report by choosing the Reports button (1).
  5. Run Gradebook Sheet report (2)

The report generated will show the Aspen calculated final grade (FG).  You can print this report and get a hard copy OR print to PDF and save a copy of the file on your computer or in Google Drive.  After making the necessary updates to the student's final grades, you can run the report again and save a copy of this report as well.