Friday, August 22, 2014

Adding a Computer Cart / Computer Lab Sign-Up Calendar to your Google Calendar

1.  Click the drop-down to the right of Other Calendars.

2. Choose Browse Interesting Calendars.

3. Select More.

4. Choose Resources for

5. Choose your school name.

6. On the far right click Subscribe next to the calendars that you wish.

7. Then it will show up on your Google Calendar under Other Calendars.

To book the computer cart or computer lab, check out the blog entry:
How to book a school resource (Laptop cart or Computer lab).

Friday, August 15, 2014

How to Receive Calendar Alerts on your Cell Phone

Google CalendarDid you know that you can set your calendar to send reminders to your cell phone?  

I find it essential in helping me remember appointments, meetings, and more.

In order to set up your phone alerts, you will need to add your phone number to your Google Calendar profile. 

To set up phone alerts, 

  1. Log into your Google Calendar.
  2. Select the gear on the right hand of the calendar page.
Log in to calendar and click on Calendar Settings
  1. Select Settings
  1. Select Mobile Setup from the Calendar Settings menu.
  1. Add your phone number and click Send Verification Code.

    This code will be sent to your mobile phone.
  2. Once you receive your verification code add it in the Verification field on the page and click Finish Setup.
  1. Select an event on your Calendar and click Edit Event.
  1. Your Reminders section of the Edit screen should now give you the option to add an SMS reminder (i.e., a text message message).

    You may have to click on Add a Reminder to add a second option.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sign out of Gmail from any Computer

If you ever check your Gmail from another computer, and think you may have forgotten to sign out, you can sign out from any device. Log into your Gmail on an available computer. Scroll all the way to the bottom of your inbox. In the bottom right, you will see the following:

                                        Last account activity: 9 minutes ago                                                                           Details

Click on Details.
This will open another box which will give you the option to Sign out of all other sessions if you have any open.